Change the port number

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The default Firebird configuration listens for incoming connections on port 3050. If you are running only once instance of Firebird, then no changes are required. However, if you have multiple instances of Firebird running on one machine, then each one must listen on a different port. You can change the port that a given instance uses by modifying the firebird.conf file which is located in the Firebird directory for that instance.


Important Note: The information in this section is provided for advanced configuration only. In most cases, only one instance is required so the default port setting can be used and none of the changes listed in this section are needed.


Set the port which Firebird uses

To change the port from 3050 to 3051, open the file C:\Program Files\Firebird\KZFirebird\Firebird.conf in Notepad, and locate the line containing "RemoteServicePort". Then modify the setting as follows:


OLD: #RemoteServicePort = 3050

NEW: RemoteServicePort = 3051


(Remove the # sign and change the port number to 3051)


After changing the port and saving the changes. Stop the Firebird service and then Start it again.


Connect using the new port

After changing the port number that the database listens on, you will need to update the port number that the client software connects to as follows:


1.Select the menu option Tools --> Database Connection.
2.Select the "Advanced" tab.
3.Uncheck the "Default" checkbox and set the Port to the new value.