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The Check for updates menu initiates a connection to our update server to compare the version of the software you are using with the current version of the software. A pop-up message will notify you to let you know whether you are using the current version of the software. If you are using an older version, you will be provided with an option to download the update. To install the update, download the setup file when prompted, and click Open or Run to update your software. Your database will remain intact, so you will not lose the data that has been previously entered.


Some updates may require a change to the database schema after the software has been updated. In these cases, you will be notified the first time you open the new version that it needs to update the database. If you receive this message, it is important that no one else has the software open before you continue, and Training Manager will automatically update the database schema for use with the current version of the software.


In a multi-user environment, it is important that all users have the same version of the software installed. Users with an older version of the software may receive an error message when connected to a database which has been updated.


If a corporate firewall prevents you from connecting to our update server, you may also download the software from the downloads page on our website. This is the same software which can be downloaded through the Check for updates menu.


For information about the changes that have occurred, check the Product Updates section on our blog.