Command Line Options

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Client software command line parameters:


/server [Server Name Or IP Address]

       Specify the server name or ip address of the server where the Training Manager database is running.

       Default: previously used server name.


/alias [Name of database alias]

       Specify the name of the database alias to connect to.

       Default: previously used alias name.


/userprofile [roaming]

       Specify "roaming" to use a Roaming profile for User.config settings.

       Default: Local User.config settings.


You may create a shortcut on the desktop, and then edit the shortcut properties to modify the target to include the parameters at the end.


Example Usage:

"C:\Program Files\Training Manager 2016 Enterprise\TrainingManager.exe" /server localhost /alias TrainingManager /userprofile roaming


Installation (setup file) command line parameters:


Options for the setup file can be set for unattended installations. For a complete list of setup command line parameters, please see the following link:


Setup command line parameters