Required Training Status

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Assignments are used to set up the "Required Training" for an organization. The "Status" of the required training will be based on the Assignment criteria and the completed training history.


Required Training Status Notes

1.If the assignment has the option set for the Initial training to be due after a 30 day grace period, then it will not appear as "Overdue" until 30 days after the Hire Date set on the personnel form.
2.If none of the Course Versions listed on the Course form have the "Required" checkbox checked, then the course will not appear "Overdue" for anyone.
3.If the Employment Status field on the personnel form is set to "Inactive", the person will not appear on the Status reports.
4.If the "Exclude from required training" checkbox is checked on the personnel form, then the person will not appear on the Status reports.


Status Values

1."Up To Date" means that the training has been completed and is up to date based on the Assignment criteria.
2."Untrained" means that the training has not yet been completed, but it is not "Overdue" yet because the time limit is still within the defined grace period.  In this case, the person is not yet out of compliance with the requirement (since there is a grace period defined), and the record will not be counted as Overdue on the compliance report. If you would like it to be counted as overdue immediately and therefore out of compliance on the report, you may remove the grace period from the Assignment.
3."Overdue" means that the person has not completed the required training as defined in the Assignment criteria. Depending on the Assignment details, training can expire based on the elapsed time since the last training was completed, or a newer required course version has become effective.