Upgrade To Multi-User

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If you start out with a standalone database on a single computer and then decide to change to a shared database for multiple computers, you can copy your existing data to the server so that you don't lose your previous work. The basic process is to create a backup file of your local database before the switch over, and then restore it to your new server database.


Steps to upgrade to multi-user

1.Backup your local database (menu option: File --> Backup). This will create a compressed backup file containing your data.
2.Install and configure the remote database server (to be performed by server administrator). See instructions here:
Shared Database Configuration
3.Install the Enterprise edition of the client software on your computer if it is not currently installed. A link to install the client software is included in the instructions at the link above.
4.Connect to the remote database server (menu option: Tools --> Database Connection).
5.Restore your local database backup copy to the server (menu option: File --> Restore). Select the backup file that you created in Step 1, and then click the Restore button.
6.You can then install the Enterprise edition on additional user's computers and connect them to the remote database server (step 4).


Note: if you are currently licensed for a standalone version of the software only, you will need to purchase an upgrade license key to continue adding new data to the server database. Refer to the link in your original license notification email, or contact us through the Support page on our website at www.kzsoftware.com. Let us know what your current license number is, and we will provide you with a link to purchase an upgrade license.