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Assignments allow you to set up a matrix of required training for your organization. Here are a few examples:


1."All Groups" must take "New Hire Orientation" training within 30 days from their hire date.
2.Members of the "Engineering" Group must be trained on the "Calibration" course whenever the version changes.
3.Members of the "Manager" Job Role must be trained on the "Managing Change in the Workplace" course once every 2 years.


As new personnel are added to Personnel Groups or Job Roles, they will automatically inherit the required training assignments for their Group and/or Job Roles. By assigning courses to a Group or Job Role, you can avoid the tedious management of individual courses to personnel, and focus on the overall training needs for the organization. For special cases however, you may still assign a course to a specific individual if needed.


Assignments will impact the Required Training and Status reports. The Overdue and Upcoming Status report may be filtered to show courses which are Overdue or upcoming in the next 30 days (or X days where you set the filter value). This allows you to identify all training that is about to expire so that it can be scheduled and the personnel can be notified. The status displayed on the report will be updated when training has been completed.


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