Courses List View

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A complete listing of courses is located in the Courses List view on the Course Catalog tab.




Course List View

Double-click on a course row to open and edit the record.
Select the columns to appear in the list view by right-clicking on the list view and then select Show Columns.


Use the Toolbar buttons to:
oNew Course: Add a new course to the list.
oEdit: Edit the selected course.
oDelete: Delete the selected course.
oExport: Export the list of courses.

Quick Search

To find a course quickly, select All Categories and then enter a few characters of the course title in the Quick Search box near the upper right. The list will be filtered in real-time to display only those courses matching your search.



Use the Filters to toggle between viewing the Active/Inactive courses. Courses with an Inactive status will not appear in the selection lists for new Class Sessions, but will remain in the database for historical reporting.


Course Categories

Click a Course Category folder on the left to show all courses within that category (similar to the File Explorer in Windows).
Click the New Course Category button to add a new Category which will appear as a folder in the Folder Navigation area. Course Categories will also be added to the category selection field on the Course form.
Right-click on a category/folder to edit or delete it.


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