Move To A New Computer

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If you get a new computer or need to move the Standard (single user) Edition of Training Manager to another computer, you may do so as follows:


On the Original computer:

1. Go to the menu option Help --> Enter License Key, or Help --> About, and write down your license key and version number to use later.

2. Go to the menu option File --> Backup, and create a backup file.

3. Copy the backup file created in step 2 from the old computer to the new computer.


On the New computer:

4. Download and install the same edition and version of the software from the Software Archive, and then go to the menu item Help --> Enter License Key, and enter the license key number from Step 1.

5. Select the menu option File --> Restore, and then select the backup file that you copied over from the old computer.

6. Close and then reopen Training Manager.