Move Database To New Server

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If you need to decommission an older server or move your database for another reason, you may move an existing database from one server to another by backing up the old database and restoring it to the new database as described below. Be sure to follow the steps carefully and check which database you are connected to when performing the restore operation in order to avoid overwriting your old database.


1.While connected to your ORIGINAL server, create a backup of the database using the Training Manager menu option File --> Backup. This will create a compressed backup file with the name and location that you choose.
2.Install the Firebird Database component on your NEW server. See Step 2 in the Firebird Database Server configuration instructions for details.
3.Connect Training Manager to the NEW server as described in Step 3 of the Firebird Database Server configuration instructions. Close and reopen Training Manager, and make sure you are connected to the NEW database.
4.Now restore the data to the NEW server from the backup file that you created in Step 1. Use the restore feature available in Training Manager from the menu item File --> Restore. Select the backup file that you created in Step 1, and then click the Restore button to overwrite the NEW database with the data from your backup file.
5.After you have completed restoring the data from your ORIGINAL server to your NEW server, make sure all computers which are using Training Manager have been updated to connect to the NEW server (Tools --> Database Connection), and then shut down or remove the Firebird services from the original server to make sure no one mistakenly uses it.