Service Schedule

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The Service Schedule tab displays a complete listing of service that has been scheduled for the selected vehicle. A color coded status indicator identifies whether the service is Up to date (Green), Coming soon (Yellow), or Overdue (Red).




Toolbar Buttons




Click the New button to clear the fields and begin a new Service Schedule record.


Click the Save button to Save the current record.


Click the Delete button to Delete the current record.


Click the Complete button to mark the currently selected service schedule Complete. This will automatically add an entry to the Service Log.


Click the Report button to open a printable report of the scheduled service.


Click the Export button to export the service schedule for this vehicle to a .csv file.



Field Name


Service Item

Select an existing service item or enter a new one.

Repeat Every

If this is a recurring schedule, check the checkbox, and then enter/select the fields to define how often the schedule should be repeated.

Next Due

The Next due fields will be calculated based on the service schedule (if set). You may also override the values if needed.

Show Reminder

You may set the criteria for when a reminder is shown in the "Show Reminder" section. This will determine when the Upcoming (Yellow) status is applied to the schedule.


Select the Notes tab to add more information about this service schedule entry. For example, this is a good place to record any special tools required or hints, procedures, etc.