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When a student or students have completed training, it is important to set the Status to completed, and confirm the completion date in order for the status reports to accurately display the current training status. There are two options available for adding completed training:


Option 1: Several people were trained all on the same date


1. Open a new class session record on the class session tab by clicking the "New Session" button.

2. Fill in the session information on the left, and then click the "Add/Remove Students" button on the right to add the students who attended the session.

3. Select all of the students in the list view and click the Set Status: Complete button.

4. Save and Close the record - this will record the training for all of the students in the session at once.


Note: in option 1, transcript records will be created automatically based on the information in the class session record.


Option 2: An individual completed training


1. Open the personnel form for the individual and select the Transcript tab.

2. Click the New Transcript button, and set the Status field to complete.

3. Fill in the remaining information as needed, and then click "Ok" to save the record.


Note: in option 2, a class session record will be created automatically based on the information in the Transcript record.


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