Personnel List View

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The Personnel List View displays a list of the personnel records that have been stored in the database.


Personnel List View

Personnel List View



Active: Show only personnel with a status of Active in the list view.
Inactive: Show only personnel with a status of Inactive in the list view.
All: Show all personnel in the list view.


Quick Search:

Enter a few characters of the person's name, number, group, or job role in the Search box near the upper right to quickly filter the list.


Toolbar Buttons:

Button Name


New Personnel

Opens a new Personnel form. Use this form to add new employees or trainers to the database.


Opens the currently selected (highlighted row) personnel.


Deletes the currently selected personnel.


Opens the Export Data dialog box to allow you to export the list of Personnel to a .csv file.



Click on a column header to sort the data by that column. Click again to re-sort the column in the opposite direction.


Show Columns:

Right-click anywhere on the list to display the context menu, then select "Show Columns" to select which columns you would like to display in the list.