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Training Manager comes with several built-in reports to provide training information for your organization, and to help plan for upcoming training requirements.




Select a report on the left to preview it in the report preview area.
Click on the report preview to zoom in or out.
Standard filters are available above the report.
oPersonnel: Show All Active Personnel, or filter for an individual.
oGroups: Show All Groups, or filter for a specific Group.
oInclude Subgroups: Check the box to include all personnel in sub groups of the selected Group.
oCourses: Include all Courses, or filter by a specific course.
Some reports allow additional filters to be applied. Additional filters will appear below the report selection area when available.
Filter by date: Select from the pre-defined list of dates, or set the beginning and end date.
Filter by days until expiration: Include training due to expire within the number of days that you set.
Open In New Window button: Open the selected report in a new window which contains additional menu options including Export formats and an Email option.
Print button: Send the selected report to the printer.
Refresh button: Click to refresh the report if you have added or updated data since the report was last previewed.


Company Name On Report

Click the Options button in the toolbar to edit the existing header/footer and enter your own company name to appear on the reports.


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