Set or change a password

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Training Manager has an option to "Set" or "Change" a password:


1.An Administrator can "Set" a password without knowing the current password.
2.A user can "Change" their password provided they know the current password.


Option 1 - "Set" a password using Administrator privilege:

1.Open Training Manager and log in with an account which is in the System Administrator role.
2.Open the Personnel form for the person's password you would like to set.
3.Click the "Set Password" button located next to the Login Name field.
4.Type the password in the "New Password" and "Confirm Password" fields, and then click Ok.
5.Click the Save and Close button on the Personnel form.



Option 2 - "Change" a password without Administrator privilege:

1.Select the Login Name of the user whose password you would like to change.
2.Enter the user's current password.
3.Enter a new password for the user.
4.Enter the new password for the user again to confirm it.
5.Click the Ok button to complete the change.


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