Class Session Form

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The Class Session form contains the details for a specific session of training.


Class Session Form

Class Session Form


Fields and Form Elements



Session ID

[Read Only] A unique number which identifies this Class Session.


The name of the course taught at this Class Session.


The Version selection field displays the Course Version and the Document Version in the format "Course Version [Document Version]". The Document Version will be included in brackets unless it is blank. The values available for selection can be managed on the Course Form - Version History tab.


The date/time when this class session begins.


The date/time when this class session ends.


The number of hours for this class session.


A checkbox to choose whether to calculate the hours automatically or allow the hours to be entered manually.


The maximum capacity (number of trainees) for this class session.


The location where the training is held. Manage the values in this selection field using the menu item Tools > Manage Selection Fields.


The name of the Trainer for this Class Session. The initial value will be set when the course is selected based on the Default Trainer set for the course. You may also select another trainer that has been identified based on the "Trainer" checkbox on the Personnel form.

File Attachments

The sign-in sheet may be scanned and then saved as a .pdf file in the File Attachments area.

Fixed Cost

The amount of fixed costs for the class session. This may include room rental fees, trainer fees, or other fixed costs for the session.

Default Student Cost

This is the default cost for each student. This value will be set by default when adding a new student to the Enrolled Students list.

Total Cost

The Total Cost is calculated automatically by adding the Fixed Cost to the sum of the Student Costs.


Class Roster Button

Click the Class Roster button to open a class roster/sign-in sheet.


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